Our stainless sheets are used in aircraft superstrucutre joints.

Supporting Aerospace

While aluminium has replaced stainless steel as the primary alloy used in aircraft production, stainless steel continues to offer performance advantages compared to this alloy.

Although aluminium provides improved strength-to-weight ratios, stainless steel often offers superior corrosion resistance and temperature tolerance and can withstand impact stresses, which lends itself to particular aerospace components.

Applications Types

Stainless steel sheet continues to be used in aerospace applications today, with examples including engine & exhaust components, critical superstructure joints and landing gear. Like all alloys, suitability is determined by the application and the performance characteristics of the alloy.


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For Critical Components

Stainless is used in aircraft engines and fuel tanks. From engine components to fuel tanks, stainless steel is still used extensively in the aerospace sector today.

Our alloys offer high corrosion resistance, maintain mechanical properties at high temperatures and can withstand impact stresses. While too heavy for wing skins and aerostructures, our products are ideal for applications, including exhaust systems and specific engine parts.

In aerospace applications, structural integrity means everything.

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Stock Information

Our range of aerospace stainless steel alloys are produced to the British Standard aerospace specification.

We carry a large material stock in both metric and imperial sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

Our guillotining service ensures that you receive sheet material cut to size and to close tolerances. We also provide a vinyl coating service to protect your material.