Maraging steel bars are ideal for producing critical components.

Ultra High-Strength

Our maraging steel bars are aged-hardened and offer incredible strength (up to three times stronger than standard steel grades) and hardenability while being straightforward to machine in the annealed condition.

Such characteristics are impressive, especially as there is little loss of ductility, and the alloy offers good corrosion resistance. Increased toughness is also a beneficial feature, along with good dimensional stability.

Commercial Applications

Maraging steels are popular in the production of critical components and electro-mechanical applications. Welding is good, too, although subsequent age-hardening is necessary for the HAZ (heat-affected zone). Once heat-treated, maraging steel is machinable to finished dimensions as there is little effect on material size during the process.

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Our maraging steel bars stock range is supported by in-house bar sawing services.

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Demanding Applications

We ship engineering raw materials worldwide With three times the strength of typical steels, maraging steel performs well in critical environments.

Example applications include aircraft landing gear, race engine gears & shafts and critical aircraft structures. Although not a lightweight material, the alloy offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio due to the material's ultra-high strength.

The product is an excellent solution for engineering applications requiring damage tolerance.

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Stock Information

We stock three maraging steel material grades (250, 300 & 350), which all differ slightly in properties and performance.

Maraging steel bars are machinable to exact dimensions and welding is also good although further treatment around the welding zone is advised.

Maraging steel bars are suitable for the production of critical components and for use in electro-mechanical applications.