Our aluminium forgings are stocked in various grades and are suitable for many engineering applications.

Aluminium Forgings

Aluminium forgings are lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, making them a first-class choice for many applications in the aerospace industry.

High-performance aluminium parts allow aircraft and machines to operate more efficiently, carry more loads, and reduce operating costs. We stock aluminium forgings for the aerospace and space industry. Aluminium forgings are the chosen material for NASA rockets and spacecraft. Forged aluminium is selected because it functions well under extreme pressure and low temperatures.

Aerospace Forgings

Smiths Advanced Metals specialise in aluminium hand-forgings and closed die forgings for the aerospace industry, meaning you get parts that match your drawings and outperform any template parts you might alternately use. We have aluminium hand forgings in various sizes and tempers (including F, O-annealed, O1, and T73).

Enhanced Performance

Parts from aluminium forgings make aircraft lighter, faster, and more reliable, whether for the fuselage or engine parts.

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Benefits of Forged Aluminium

Forged aluminium offers good strength to weight ratios.After forging, aluminium offers mechanical properties which compare favourably with steel alloys.

Forged aluminium is non-porous and therefore relatively simple to heat-treat, which makes a considerable difference to the strength of the finished product. Using common aluminium alloys also results in forgings produced at a relatively low cost.

Offering considerably less density than steel, aluminium forgings provide an impressive strength to weight ratio, resulting in less material.

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Stock Information

We stock a range of aluminium forgings, including hand-forgings and closed die forgings, which are popular in aerospace applications.

All our aluminium forgings carry a unique bar code for total product traceability while under our care. Our bar code functionality forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.