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CuNi2Si Copper Bar

Superior when compared to other copper alloy grades.

CuNi2Si is a superior product compared to other copper alloy grades.

CuNi2Si copper bars offer unique chemistry and mechanical properties.

CuNi2Si (CW111C) is a copper-nickel silicon alloy that offers unique chemical and mechanical characteristics. CuNi2Si is a superior product compared to other copper alloy grades; the material promotes many beneficial performance qualities that virtually any engineering or fabrication company can benefit from. The material's corrosion resistance is excellent and surpasses the performance of the majority of copper alloys while also being free from the effects of stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.

Other Qualities

Wear and bearing characteristics are also superior, and the material benefits from high strength and hardness. When compared to non-ferrous alloys, the thermal and electrical conductivity of CuNi2Si is excellent. This alloy provides exceptionally low magnetic permeability, outstanding performance in cryogenic environments and spark resistance.

CuNi2Si Copper Bar Datasheet

Key Applications

CuNi2Si copper bars find typical use in cryogenic storage tanks, electrical components and engine valve guides & seats.

Product Features:

    UNS SC64700
    ASTM B411
    DIN 17666
    EN 12163

    Engine valve guides and seats
    Cryogenic storage tanks
    Electrical components
    Heat exchanger tubes

    High thermal & electrical conductivity
    Exceptionally low magnetic permeability
    Outstanding performance at cryogenic temperatures

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