We work will mills to develop stainless steel products with enhanced chemistry and mechanical properties.

Enhanced Properties

We work closely with our suppliers to develop our own designated products, providing enhanced chemistry and mechanical properties.

Our close partnerships with suppliers enable us to develop enhanced stainless steels, giving you improved material options. Our suppliers share our vision regarding product quality and how we market to our customers.

Designated Products

We stock Aminox AS1™ and Ferrinox 255LT™, which are enhanced versions of standard stainless steel grades, and we supply both types in bar form. Aminox is based around 316L stainless steel, while Ferrnox is a super duplex grade conforming to the requirements of UNS S32550. Both alloys are subjected to much tighter controls during the production process.

Why buy our products?

By supplying our own improved material grades, we give customers greater performance options, allowing the development of components that operate in the most demanding environments.

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Laboratory Support

Our laboratory is unique to the UK metal stockholding sector How many stockholders in the UK have their own dedicated team of metallurgists?

To our knowledge, we are the only UK stockholder that boasts a UKAS Accredited Material Testing Laboratory. Our laboratory offers a comprehensive range of testing from Charpy impact testing to tensile testing and chemical analysis.

We offer services that add value to our established material supply proposition.

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Further Information

Our products are developed to push performance boundaries compared to existing commercial alloys

Not only does the development of these alloys take a great deal of time, we take the trouble to trademark them to protect their status.

Choosing our designated product afford numerous benefits, not just in terms of performance but cost. You may be able to utilise our own alloys instead of purchasing higher specification material.