Copper nickel bars are highly suitable for offshore applications.

For Marine Applications

Our copper nickel bars offer a wealth of attractive performance characteristics, making them highly suitable for a broad range of engineering applications.

Copper nickel bars benefit from good strength and excellent corrosion resistance while retaining good ductility. Corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres is particularly impressive, and our alloys find consistent use in offshore markets, both above the water line and below. With less susceptibility to bio-fouling, our products are attractive engineering materials for pipework, pipe fittings and flanges.

Stock Range

We stock a range of standard copper-nickel alloys in solid round bars available for immediate supply. We also supply copper-nickel under other specifications, including DEF STAN, ASTM and Euro Norm (EN).

Size Selection

We stock copper nickel bars in incremental sizes, ensuring we have products closer to your finished size requirements. Often, this will negate any further need for machining down.

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Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement can to lead to disastrous failures. The absorption of hydrogen can cause an alloy to become brittle, putting the finished component at risk.

In the case of pressurised vessels and boilers, such a failure can be potentially catastrophic. A pressure vessel or boiler could quickly explode.

Copper nickel offers resistance to hydrogen embrittlement (also referred to as hydrogen-induced cracking), which gives engineers more confidence in the service life of equipment before replacement.

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Stock Portfolio

We stock solid round bars in various copper nickel grades which are available for immediate supply.

We accurately cut your copper nickel bars to custom lengths and to close tolerances. We perform all these tasks in-house.

Our UKAS Accredited Materials Testing Laboratory is unique to the UK stockholding sector and we provide our customers with comprehensive metallurgical support.