Our bar products offer oustanding corrosion resistance and strength.

Designed to Perform

Round bar alloys represent one of the most popular engineering forms on the market, and corrosion resistance is often a prerequisite.

We stock a range of corrosion-resistant bars ideal for commercial engineering applications utilised in aerospace, nuclear, power generation, and oil and gas. Many of our stock ranges provide impressive resistance to different types of corrosion, and our nickel alloys serve this purpose particularly well.


Nickel alloys are often referred to as 'superalloys' - ones which provide high strength and excellent corrosion resistance with the ability to withstand high temperatures. Our nickel alloy bar stock includes superalloys, which are attractive for numerous applications, especially in harsh operating environments.


Our nickel alloy bars are highly engineered products designed for specialist applications. Typically precipitation hardened, our materials are produced under tighter controls and find use in areas such as aerospace and gas turbine engines, heat exchangers, afterburners, fasteners, wellheads, pumps and valves. If you are looking for engineering materials that provide outstanding corrosion resistance in various atmospheres, our stock range gives engineers greater options.

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Sometimes Corrosion is Good

Many of our products are geared towards the aerospace sector Corrosion resistance can be beneficial under the right circumstances.

Take, for instance, the Angel of the North or other statues by Sir Antony Gormley. These structures use weathering steel which is intentionally allowed to rust, creating an orange coating (or patina) which protects the steel from further decay. This intentional use of material which oxidises in the atmosphere creates an attractive aesthetic.

But if you are looking for the polar opposite, then our corrosion-resistant bars will help.

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Stock Information

We stock nickel alloy round bars in various diameters to suit your engineering requirements, which will be closer to your finished sizes.

Our cut to size service include in-house billeting operating where we process your materials to tight tolerances.

Our unique bar coding system ensures that your product is completely traceable while under our care.