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2618A Aluminium Bar

Designed for high-temperature service.

2618A aluminium (DTD5014) is a popular engineering material.

Although originally designed for aerospace applications, 2618A is also the leading material for racing piston production and widely used for a variety of high-temperature service applications.

This is because of its versatility and machinability. It is a copper and magnesium aluminium alloy that is fairly corrosion resistant in atmospheric conditions. This makes it ideal for producing components that are exposed to elevated temperatures. It maintains its mechanical strength at temperatures up to 200°C with deployment up to a maximum of 300°C.

Stock Availability

We have available 2618A aluminium bars in a wide range of sizes.

2618A Aluminium Bar Datasheet


We offer comprehensive billeting services using a range of equipment. Our products are cut to tight tolerances to match our clients' needs, which often negates the need for further cutting operations. Our team of qualified metallurgists and engineers will also be pleased to assist you further and provide comprehensive technical and sales support.

Product Features:

    AIR 9049
    BS L100
    DTD 5014
    NFA 50-702
    BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

    Racing engine components
    Chassis components
    Aerospace components
    Defence applications

    Excellent overall strength
    Superior strength at elevated temperature
    Good machinability
    Resistance to atmospheric attack

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