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Composition 3 Shims

Precision adjustment for machinery.

Stainless steel shims are easily adjusted to create spaces or fill gaps between an object.

Composition 3 Stainless steel laminated shims are utilised for precision adjustment in machinery or use as spacers.

Composition 3 (stainless steel shims) are a laminated product where thin layers of stainless steel foil are bonded together and may be peeled away, one lamination at a time. Shims are easily adjusted to create spaces or fill gaps between an object or may be used to create a flush surface. Another benefit of utilising shims is to reduce wear and tear in existing machinery components by deploying the product for alignment and adjustment purposes which may prolong the service life of the machinery. Shims are simple to form and fabricate and can be machined to create a custom solution. Applications vary significantly from aerospace components to bearings and also for prototyping purposes. Stainless steel laminated shims are often used to make washers, retainers and spring clips.

Stock Availability

We supply shims from Composition 3 in various sizes.

Composition 3 Shims Datasheet

Use in Aerospace

Laminated stainless steel shims find extensive use in the aerospace sector. Typical applications include motor and vibration mounts, seals and washers, hydraulic actuators and engine space compensators. Shims offer a versatile solution for aerospace engineers and play a crucial role in aerospace engineering for many critical working applications. Assembly gaps are a potential safety hazard in aircraft production and stainless steel shims offer a solution to ensure that unnecessary stresses on components and airframes are negated.

Product Features:

    UNS S30100 (301)
    UNS S30200 (302)
    UNS S30400 (304)
    UNS S30403 (304)
    UNS S31600 (316)
    UNS S31603 (316)
    UNS S32100 (321)

    Aerospace components
    Precision adjustments and alignments

    Can create space or fill gaps
    Cost-effective solution
    Easy to adjust and align
    Versatile solution

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