We stock an extensive range of speciality steels in bars, sheet and tubular forms.

For High Technology Applications

Steel materials are renowned for their strength and find widespread use in structural applications.

Our special steels range takes this a step further with product grades with enhanced performance characteristics. Our products offer improvements in many areas, such as tensile strength and dimensional stability.


We offer special steel products in numerous grades and sizes, including maraging and British Standard specification aerospace steels. Our product range offers various improvement characteristics, making them ideal for high-technology industries. Our special steels range are a perfect solution if you are looking for steel products for more niche applications.

High Quality

We only work with steel producers who share our vision of quality, specification and performance. When you receive special steels from Smiths Advanced Metals, you will receive fully traceable, consistent, high-quality alloys.

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Maraging Steels

Maraging steels find use in aircraft landing gear.Maraging steels are strong martensitic alloys that offer high fracture toughness which we stock in three grades.

With very low carbon content, maraging steels are high strength to weight materials and offer unusual characteristics for a steel grade since most high-strength steels provide low toughness. While more expensive than low alloy steels, the performance gains make the alloy attractive as an engineering material, particularly in aerostructures.

We stock maraging steels in C250, C300 & C350.

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Stock Portfolio

Our special steels are an ideal engineering material solution for more niche applications. Our stock range includes multiple grades offering varying levels of performance.

We offer a range of steel shapes from stock, including bars, sheets and tubes.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.