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Valves and subsea connectors make great use of PTFE plastics.

PTFE represents one of the best chemical resistant plastics currently available.

PTFE (also known as Teflon) is a fluoropolymer that offers outstanding resistance to chemical attack. Characteristics of the material include very low friction and excellent electrical resistance but with low mechanical strength. PTFE also offers stability at low and high-temperature ranges (-260°C to +260°C) and has a non-stick surface (where the brand name Teflon has become so synonymous). PTFE is a good substitute for polyethylene in high-performance applications as the material has a higher melting point. While PTFE is machinable, it is a relatively 'soft' plastic and therefore may be easily marked. Also, the slippery nature of the plastic may make it difficult to clamp and hold before cutting. PTFE may also be reinforced with additives such as carbon, bronze and glass fibre.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks PTFE plastic bars in various sizes, shapes and colours.

PTFE Plastic Bars Datasheet

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance

There are few solvents on the market today that can dissolve PTFE plastic at room temperature. PTFE's only real weakness is when the material is exposed to high energy radiation. Under such conditions, the radiation causes the PTFE molecule to break down. Apart from this, only fluorine and alkali metals in dissolved or liquid form will attack PTFE. The material offers superb corrosion resistance characteristics in the most violent and corrosive media. PTFE finds extensive use in oil & gas applications as well as petrochemical. Valves and subsea connectors make great use of PTFE.

Product Features:

    Aerospace components
    General engineering
    Laboratory components
    Gaskets & valves

    Excellent chemical resistance
    Flame resistance
    Very good temperature resistance
    Higher melting point

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