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Plastics Range
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Our plastics range directly compliments our metal range Smiths Advanced Metals stocks an extensive range of industrial plastics which in many cases offer superior perfomance to certain metals

Our thermoplastics product range from Nylon (PA ) and Acetal (POM) to high performance polymers such as PEEK and PAI. These combined with our thermosets are used extensively in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical devices and Food processing. Plastics which can have superior performance to metals and other materials when used in the correct environment. From Excellent bearing and wear capabilities to flame retardant UL94 V0 resistance.

The benefits of low weight and a high strength to weight ratio, enabling them to be used in non- structural environments, where design-in-use allows for reduced energy costs from both the material method of manufacture and the cost saving benefit that comes with low weight. As a major distributor of semi-finished materials. We carry a range of rod, tube, sheet and plate to enable material optimisation whilst minimising waste.

Standard Plastics

Good chemical resistance, low weight, thermoforming capability and generally weldable. These can be used in construction and fabrication with lowest cost.

Engineering Plastics

The work horse materials of choice for general engineering. Good mechanical characteristics lend these materials to improve bearing and wear life. Good impact resistance, sound dampening and thermal insulation for a multitude of applications. And a new addition to our Range is PA 6FR. The first nylon 6 to achieve UL94 V0 with a high oxygen index of 40% and low smoke emissions.

Advanced Engineering Plastics

High temperature, High rigidity, High dimensional stability, excellent chemical resistance and all UL94 V0 rated. For ultimate performance in extreme conditions we offer these as materials of choice.

Imidized Materials

Not a thermoplastic nor a thermoset but these materials combine heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and creep resistance, to enable use in hostile and extreme environmental conditions with little to no outgassing

Within the category of engineering plastics, each material will excel under different conditions. Selecting the best material is seldom based on just one outstanding property, but on which material offers the best combination of performance characteristics in use. Understanding the "material triangle" and the basic properties of materials can help you better select and fabricate engineering plastics.

The Plastics Triangle

A simple way to classify thermoplastics is as a triangle, grouping the materials according to structure and properties

The Plastics Triangle

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