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PEEK Plastic Bar


PEEK's unique characteristics make the thermoplastic suitable for the harshest working environments.

PEEK plastic offers an attractive range of outstanding performance characteristics.

PEEK plastic offers an attractive combination of chemical resistance, thermal stability, mechanical strength, and creep resistance. We offer PEEK plastic in bar form in unmodified, glass fibre, and carbon fibre reinforced versions. PEEK is often used in steam environments or hot water because it maintains physical properties at a high level despite the severe operating environment. The material also maintains excellent stiffness at high temperatures. As a high-performance thermoplastic, PEEK represents a higher-priced polymer. However, due to the materials versatility and outstanding performance characteristics, PEEK is favoured in a broad range of applications where a strong, tough, lightweight engineering material is required.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks PEEK plastic bars invarious sizes, shapes and colours.

PEEK Plastic Bars Datasheet

Extreme Applications

PEEK's unique characteristics make the thermoplastic suitable for use in the harshest working environments. Bearings, seals, bushes and high-wear applications all benefit from PEEK as an engineering raw material. The oil and gas sector, in particular, utilises the material to significant effect in applications such as wellhead connectors, couplings and anti-friction bearings. PEEK offers excellent resistance to galling and seizing, making the plastic highly suitable for wear components. The product also finds extensive use throughout the medical sector in orthopaedic and spinal applications.

Product Features:

    General engineering
    Conveyor components
    Medical components

    Excellent machinability
    Excellent chemical resistance
    Excellent dimensional stability
    Excellent stiffness at high temperatures

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