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Metals for the Oil & Gas Industry

We supply metals which meet the stringent needs of the oil & gas sector Smiths Advanced Metals is well established in both the above sea and subsea sector of the oil and gas industry, and is making good headway into other areas of a massive global market.

The stocks and services that we offer are sometimes unique and often exceptional.

We hold extensive stocks of UNS 32550- 1.4501. / F61 and UNS 32760 - 1.4410 / F55 - super duplex stainless steel round bars. Additionally , we stock our own bespoke high grade 316/ 316L, 1.4401/ 1.4404, known as Aminox - AS-1. This specification offers great consistency, excellent weldability, and is impact tested, corrosion tested and ultrasonically tested. All these grades are often available from stock 3.2 certificated at the mill, checked and approved by Lloyds or a similar organisation prior to despatch from the manufacturer.

Stocks are also held in Duplex stainless steel, UNS 31803- 1.4462/ F51 round bars. We also offer a full range of NES 833 - Nickel aluminium bronze round bars part 2 grade 1 to Def Stan 02-833 , part 2 grade 1. Most of this stock is already tested or can be tested to the American Petroleum Institute requirement - AP1-6A.

In-house UKAS Testing

Our new and recently extended UKAS accredited test house, known as the Smiths Innovation Centre, is , we believe, unique to stockholders in the UK. Critically, we can now do tests in house that are capable of reducing our customers' lead time to their customer by up to 4 weeks- a valuable advantage.

These tests now include tensile tests at different temperatures, charpy impact testing down to minus 60 degrees C , corrosion testing, microstructural examination, conductivity testing, ferrite measurement, chemical analysis and Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness tests.

A need for improved standards

The Gulf of Mexico disaster has heightened awareness of the quality and performance required to make the industry safe - this has resulted in a necessity for the industry to tighten standards even further. Smiths Advanced Metals embraces the challenge to introduce ever more exacting requirements, confident of its commitment to the highest standards of service, testing and quality, all under one roof.

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