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Plate Sawing

We saw metal plates in-house at our Head Office and all our UK service centres We have developed extensive plate sawing facilities through an ongoing programme of investment and are able to offer a complete plate sawing package

We stock a wide range of plate in a variety of materials. This includes aluminium plate in aerospace and commercial specifications. These aluminium plates are further complimented by a range of speciality tooling plates that each offer specific attributes for advanced applications.

About Titanium

Smiths Advanced Metals are one of a select few multi-metal stockhodlers who have the ability to cit titanium plate

In many of our material ranges we hold large stocks of pre-cut planks that can either be taken as they are by customers or they can be used to speed up our delivery times by reducing the number of cutting operations required.

We have a range of equipment including vertical, horizontal and CNC saws. All offer tight tolerances to match customer requirements and in many cases reduce the need for further cutting.

Standard Sawing Programme

Min. plate thickness 1/8" 3mm
Max. plate thickness 10" Standard 254mm
15" Speciality 381mm
Max. length / width 13' 4000mm

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