Our plastic bars offer a viable alternative to alloys in specific engineering applications.

Alloy Alternatives

When used in the correct environment, high-performance engineering plastics can offer superior performance compared to traditional alloys.

Our thermoplastics products range from Nylon (PA) and Acetal (POM) to high-performance plastics such as PEEK and PAI. Such products combined with our thermosets are used extensively throughout industry and often, as a viable alternative to conventional alloys.

Advanced Engineering

We stock plastics that perform in the most challenging environments. Our range displays performance characteristics including high rigidity, high dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance. Our products are UL94 V0 rated and represent the ultimate choice for extreme operating environments. Plastics are used extensively in aerospace, oil & gas, medical devices and food processing.


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Viable Alternatives

Chrome bumpers are now a thing of the past thanks to thermoplastics.The cost and performance gap between engineering plastics and alloys has closed over the years.

Today, many engineering plastics offer performance benefits which in certain applications make it more useful than traditional alloys. The automotive sector makes extensive use of thermoplastics in their manufacturing processes.

Not long ago, car bumpers were manufactured from chrome plated steel. Now they are almost exclusively produced from thermoplastics.

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Stock Portfolio

Our engineering plastics range includes PEEK and PVE, which offer a viable alternative in specific applications compared to engineering alloys.

We offer to engineer plastics primarily in bar form available to customers on an ex-stock basis.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.