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Metals for Defence

We supply hi-tech metals into the defence for a variety of leading fabricators Like most business today, the defence industry is truly global and the potential for Smiths Advanced Metals to supply our materials worldwide reaches to all our allies across the globe

With our BAE, Martin Baker, Agusta Westland and Qinetiq approvals among many, Smiths Advanced Metals is well placed to fulfil challenging defence contracts at home and abroad.

We are a multi-metal supplier to the defence trade . We supply Grade 2 and grade 5 ( 6AL4V/ TA11/ AMS 4928 ), titanium bars as well as TA56 plate and forged rings. We hold ranges of L168 T6511 aluminium bar ultrasonically tested as well as L93 and L115 aluminium plate. Additionally we stock S80, AMS 5659 ( 15/5 ), AMS 5643 ( 17/4 ) stainless steel bars.

We also hold a fine range of NES 833 pt2 gr1- to Def Stan 02-833 pt2 round bars all ultrasonically tested to BAE requirements. Also we stock and supply Radio Metal 4550 and 7068 ( aluminium bars as strong as some steels ) to AMS 4331. Our metal stocks are complimented by a full range of plastics from Acetal to Peek.

We supply materials to make everything from ejector seats to submarine components; helicopters to military transport aircraft. Components include connectors, fasteners, gears, valves, filters, head up display units and much more. Smiths Advanced Metals works hand in hand on joint ventures with our American and European allies on projects including the C17 military transport aircraft and the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Testing & Processing

Our own Smiths Innovation Centre UKAS accredited test house enables us to test, check, evaluate and where necessary, issue our own UKAS test certificate on any metal item. The extent of our processing equipment includes over 30 saws capable of cutting up to 20" ( 508 mm ) diameter nickels and hard stainless steels, aluminium plate up to 12 " ( 304 .8 mm ) thick, as well as titanium and stainless steel plate.

Our entire organisation remains absolutely committed to supplying and supporting the defence sector globally.

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