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Finishing Options

Composition 1 Shims

For quick, easy adjustment.

Aluminium laminated shims are ideal for tool & die setup and bearing components.

Composition 1 aluminium laminated shims are ideal for tool & die setup and bearing components.

Aluminium laminated shim acts as a spacer between objects for precision alignment, tolerance compensation, and wear compensation. Laminated shims are produced by surface bonding individual layers of metal foil into sheets. The thickness of shims may be adjusted by peeling off one layer of lamination at a time. While the overall appearance of laminated shims resembles solid metal, the product is constructed from multiple, peelable layers, and as a result, the product provides significant economic advantages. As the thickness of the shim is easy to adjust, further mechanical processing or grinding may not be necessary. Utilising composition shims saves time during assembly operations with the flexibility to make swift and small adjustments.

Stock Availability

We supply shims from Composition 1 in various sizes.

Composition 1 Shims Datasheet

Alignment, Tolerance & Wear Compensation

Utilising laminated aluminium shims offers three attractive benefits.

Precision Alignment refers to using shims as a spacer to keep parts accurately aligned.

Tolerance Compensation refers to shims that find use at the design stage, which compensate for precision tolerances during assembly.

Wear Compensation is where the shim compensates for wear and thus ensures any machinery performs accurately and within tolerances.

Product Features:

    AMS-DTL-22499, MIL-S-22499
    UNS A91050 (1050 H18)
    UNS A91100 (1100 H19)
    UNS A92024 (2024 T3)
    UNS A93003 (3003 H14)
    UNS A95052 (5052 H34)

    Tool and die set up
    Aircraft parts
    Bearings components
    Wear compensators

    Ideal for assembly operations
    May remove the need for further machining ops
    Simple to make adjustments
    Economic solution

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