Laminated shims find regular use in aerospace applications such as for vibration mounts.

Fine Adjustments

Shims have a range of uses and essentially act similarly to washers but on a much larger scale.

Laminated shims work as a spacer between two other objects when manufacturing components. They’re particularly prevalent in the aerospace industry and the repair of aerospace components.


The real benefit of laminated shims is adjustability. Shims are made from delicate layers of metal foil, which can be peeled off for ultra-fast adjustment. In essence, the product is designed to fill gaps or provide a level surface. The product can also reduce wear and tear in machinery components where the shim is utilised for alignment and adjustment, prolonging the life expectancy of the machine.

Aerospace Sector Support

We understand how crucial accuracy and precision is in the aerospace industry, which is why we stock aluminium and stainless steel shims to the highest specifications. Aerospace operators trust us to deliver the supplies they need on time and meet their expectations.

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Avoiding Friction

Shims will delaminate in friction environments unless properly protected.Delamination of compositions is possible if not used in the correct environment.

There are two aspects to consider when using shims. Firstly engineers need to account for the forces in play before adopting a suitable product. Also, any working environment which causes friction should be avoided unless a PTFE treatment has been applied.

The PTFE treatment promotes low friction and abrasion resistance. The treatment is also water resistant.

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We offer aluminium and stainless steel laminated shims in grades to suit your particular engineering requirements.

Laminated shims are highly suitable for space-filling applications where surfaces need levelling, or adjustments need to be made in machinery.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.