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Our Approach

Smiths Advanced Metals is a Premium Multi Metal Stockholder It is easy for a metal stockholder to say that they are different but can such bold claims be substantiated? In Smiths Advanced Metals case, the answer is most definitely yes!

Smiths Advanced Metals operates around 8 dedicated mission statements. Many of these statements which are facts about how are busy is structured and performs, are totally unique to us. Essentially we can demonstrate why, for example our quality systems are so good, or why our supply chain is so efficient.

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#6 Key Supplier Programme

Consistency & Understanding

Smiths Advanced Metals is a Premium Multi Metal Stockholder Most our customers machine the material we supply and the need for product consistency is paramount.

We understand that raw material chemical composition fluctuate slightly in quality from different supply sources and this variation can impact greatly on overall machine setup. Having to continually refine machining setup due to material variation can be time consuming and be a potential cost to our customers. Our sourcing creates a consistency of product which is second none.

Shared Vision

We have a shared vision with our suppliers on how to sell products into our chosen markets. This also involves a long term strategy of developing the procurement and sale of particular metals for particular applications. We have genuine collaborative relationships with our suppliers who value our expertise. Our relationships with mills are on the basis that business is pushed to us due to our expertise in the market place. In these relationships our expertise is highly valued. Likewise we form excellent relationships with the mill due to their expertise in producing high quality products. Hence a mutually beneficial and strong relationship born out of Smiths standing as a leading stockholder in the market.

Prime Supply Sources

Through our Key Supplier Programme, utilising single and prime source supply, we aim to offer an outstanding service which benefits our customers directly:
  • We set the highest demands on all our suppliers in terms of quality and delivery performance
  • We arrange capacity reservations which give us the flexibility to respond to our clients' deadlines
  • We are also able to negotiate highly competitive market prices as part of the process

How do we achieve this?

It all comes down to loyalty. Smiths Metal Centres has major buying power and by extending loyalty to our major suppliers we expect a great deal in return as you can see from the examples above. We demand the highest quality and product availability at the most competitive possible prices. But in return we stay loyal to our suppliers. This reciprocal philosophy means that we can pass these benefits on to our customers.

Customer Benefits

  • High quality, consistent product time and time again
  • Product is available when and where you need it
  • Even with such high levels of quality and stock availability, prices remain competitive

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