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The Smiths Metal Centres Group

Smiths Metal Centres Ltd (UK company registration number 03485838) is one of the largest independent stockholders and distributors of engineering materials in Europe.

Smiths has a long company history starting in the year 1780 when the business was established in Clerkenwell, London as a clock maker by the Smith family. Over the years the business has evolved and now focuses solely on stockholding and distribution. It has also changed ownership but today it is still an independent privately owned business.

The group supplies a wide variety of customers and market sectors with a very wide range of materials. The fundamentals of the whole group are having the right materials, in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time. By staying customer-focused the aim of the whole company is to be as flexible as possible so that we supply customers with what they want in the way they want it supplied.

The whole group now has 14 locations in the UK (see map right) and has a number of divisions that focus on particular market areas.

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